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Winners of the Eco-Hackathon to Have Been Determined in Aktau

Aktau city

Aktau hosted the final of the ecological educational project “EcoVision” - Eco-Hackathon, which was attended by more than 30 schoolchildren and students of the city. Authors of the three best eco-ideas presented at the hackathon received valuable prizes. The winner also has the right to implement his/her project in the near future.

Eco-Hackathon is the final part of the EcoVision project implemented by QazaqGeography RSA within the framework of the EcoBatys environmental initiative created by the Center for Support of Civil Initiatives jointly with Shell Kazakhstan. During the project, its participants listened to a series of trainings in online and offline formats on the topic of carbon neutrality.

The aim of the project is to increase the level of awareness of the population about environmental problems, carbon neutrality and its involvement in environmental initiatives.

Theme of the Eco-Hackathon sounds like “Creating business centers based on the principle of carbon neutrality.” The organizers explain that this direction was not chosen by chance.

“We have combined two directions close to us into one. QazaqGeography is engaged in the development of ecological tourism and infrastructure in national parks, using a scientific approach. At the same time, we support the idea of carbon neutrality, that is, striving for zero emissions. In the future, the best idea presented at the Eco-Hackathon will be eligible for implementation, so the winner gets a chance to make a real contribution to environmental protection,” Madina Kinayatova, project manager, manager of QazaqGeography RSA, explains.

According to her, the effect of the project is multiplicative. Everyone who has passed a series of trainings is now a kind of eco-ambassadors who will carry the ideas of “green thinking” to the masses.
The winners of the Eco-Hackathon were students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Aktau: Rishat Dilshat took the 1st place, who presented his model of a future visitor center based on the lean consumption of natural resources and the recycling of materials. In addition, Dilshat modeled a mock-up of a device that will collect moisture, accumulate it and serve as a source of drinking for animals.

The commission awarded the second place to Yessenkul Nurkanat, the 3rd place - to Imanmadi Aisulu. All the winners of prizes received valuable gifts.
The competition commission included eco-activists, representatives of environmental departments of private companies and Akimat of Mangystau oblast.

“Such projects allow us to take a fresh look at the environmental situation in the world and in the country, but also, thanks to them, we learn to find tools for environmental protection, think about what contribution we, the younger generation, would like to make to the fight against pollution of nature. I am grateful to the organizers for interesting trainings and workshops, where my classmates and I learned a lot of new things,” Dilshat Rishat, the winner of the project, says.

For reference:
QazaqGeography is a voluntary geographical community of citizens united by a common desire to study the rich nature and distinctive culture of Kazakhstan, preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the country and pass on their knowledge to future generations.
QazaqGeography was founded in 2013 as a national geographical society and today unites more than 1,000 members and has 11 regional offices throughout Kazakhstan.
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