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The book “Kazakh cuisine: Taste and traditions”

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Project Objective

Project goal is to create a brand of national Kazakh cuisine as a significant and important element of the culture and traditions of our people, one of the components of the Rukhani Zhangyru program and the tourist brand of the country.


- revival of forgotten recipes
- instilling cultural values
- development of gastrotruism

Targets and tasks

promotion of the brand of national Kazakh cuisine
revival of forgotten recipes
instilling cultural values
development of gastrotruism


What is already there?

The book presents rare dishes that were once widely used and revived as a result of the authors’ search and research work, as well as cooking technology, a brief description of the biological value of traditional meat, dairy dishes, flour products and beverages.

As a result of research expeditions in Kazakhstan, the technology of cooking almost forgotten dishes was found and recorded. At the moment, information has been received about two hundred dishes, of which fifty are presented in this book. Each of the dishes is accompanied by brief information, a recipe and information about nutritional value. Special attention is paid to the iconic essence of certain dishes of Kazakh cuisine. They are a real symbol of the wisdom of the people. After all, food not only nourished our ancestors, it gave good-minded energy, gave strength at the right moment, protected, helped strengthen relations between people and even helped to reconcile the parties.

The book authors:

Mussagozhinova Aigorym Alexandrovna - ethnographer, Head of the Traditional Culture Department of Halyk Kazynasy SRI at the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Sinyavsky Yuri Alexandrovich - PhD, Biology, Professor, Vice-President of Kazakh Academy of Nutrition LLP.
Dosymbek Khatran - Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of Nur Mubarak University Zhunussova Dinara Kabykeshovna – ethno-photographer.


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