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About Us

QazaqGeography is a non-profit republican public association whose activities are aimed at developing and popularizing knowledge about the geography, nature and culture of Kazakhstan in the country and abroad.

QazaqGeography was founded in 2013 as a national geographical society and today unites more than 1,000 members and has 11 regional offices throughout Kazakhstan.
The team of QazaqGeography includes experts, scientists from the fields of geography, ecology, history, who conduct scientific, research and publishing activities and are engaged in the implementation of socially significant projects.

To date, QazaqGeography cooperates with more than 50 partners, the association has implemented more than 70 projects.

Our structure

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  • Management Board
  • Management Board
Mamin Askar Uzakbayevich - the Chairman of QazaqGeography RPA
Medeu Akhmetkal Rakhmetullayevich - Chairman of the Governing Council, Doctor of Geography, Professor, Director of Institute of Geography LLP
Akiyanova Farida Zhianshinovna - Member of the Governing Council, Director of Institute of Geography and Nature Management of International Scientific Complex "Astana"
Sklyarenko Sergei - Member of the Governing Council, Ph.D. in Biology, Deputy Director of Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan Republican Public Association
Sultanov Yerik Khamzinovich - Chief Executive Officer
Abubakirov Artur Serikovich - Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Meirmanova Binagul Berikovna - Member of the Management Board, Director of the Accounting and Economic Planning Department
Abildina Assel Nurmukhametovna - Member of the Management Board, Director of the Administrative and Legal Support Department


Our mission

QazaqGeography is a voluntary geographical community of Kazakhstan citizens united by a common desire to study the rich nature and distinctive culture of Kazakhstan, preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the country and pass on their knowledge to future generations.


Sensitize and inspire people for self-development and serving society and the planet
Improve and distribute knowledge about nature, society and culture of Kazakhstan and the world
Support public initiatives on improving the quality of knowledge about Kazakhstan and the world
Promote scientific research in the field of geography, ethnography, history, archeology, culture and related fields of sciences
Take care of the environment preservation



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8 (7172) 999 336 (1054)

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