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Zhetysu region

Zhetysu region (in Kazakh, Жетісу облысы, Jetısu oblysy) is a region in the southeast of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which was formed on June 08, 2022. Taldykorgan is the administrative center.


On March 16, 2022, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, during the joint session of the Parliament has delivered the Address to the people of Kazakhstan, where he highlighted the problems concerning the Alma-Ata agglomeration and proposed the division of Almaty region into two regions - Zhetysu and Almaty regions.

Residents of the region are concentrated mainly around Alma-Ata city. It is impossible to solve the issues of Uzynagash or Talgar being in Taldykorgan city. To get to the regional center today, the population has to travel very far. Given these and other circumstances, I propose to divide the Almaty region into two - Zhetysu and Almaty regions will be created in this region. Kapshagay should become the regional center of Almaty region, and Taldykorgan should become the regional center of Zhetysu region. I believe that these steps will be a good step for the development of these regions.

- Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

The region has been formed on June 08, 2022, in accordance with the Presidential Decree of May 04, 2022.
Its name in Russian means "Semirechenskaya" and echoes Semirechenskaya region of Russian Empire and Dzhetysuiskaya gubernia of the RSFSR with its center in Alma-Ata city.
Zhetysu region in its borders corresponds to former Taldy-Kurgan region, abolished in 1997.

Administrative division:

The region consists of 8 districts and 2 cities of regional subordination (city akimats):

  1. Aksu region - Zhansugurov
  2. Alakol region - Usharal
  3. Yeskeldy region - Karabulak
  4. Karataly region - Ushtobe
  5. Kerbulak region - Saryozek
  6. Koksu region - Balpyk-Bi
  7. Panfilov region - Zharkent
  8. Sarkan region - Sarkan
  9. Taldykorgan city
  10. Tekeli city


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