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Development of the Ulytau National Park

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Targets Ulytau

Project Goal

Project purpose is to assist in the preservation of natural and historical and cultural objects of the Ulytau mountain range. QazaqGeography Republican Public Association is engaged in its implementation within the framework of a related grant from the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the UN Development Program in Kazakhstan.

- development of sustainable tourism
- development of eco-tourism
- conservation of nature and its biodiversity
- development of a management plan of the SNNP
- involvement of the local population


preservation of natural and cultural objects of Ulytau
development of sustainable tourism
development of ecological tourism
conservation of nature and its biodiversity
development of the SNNP management plan
involvement of the local population



What is already there?

In December 2021, an agreement was signed between QazaqGeography and UNDP, according to which our Association was identified as the main executor of the development component of the Ulytau State Scientific and Technological Enterprise within the framework of the Project "Creating conditions for the reintroduction of the Turan tiger and assisting in the preservation of natural and historical and cultural objects of the Ulytau mountain range".

A Coordinating Council has been established, the purpose of which is to ensure transparency of decisions on the development of tourism in specially protected natural areas, as well as to improve the efficiency of management of environmental institutions.
The council includes activists and public figures, representatives of local executive bodies and entrepreneurs. Aydin Serkebayev, Head of Ulytau State Enterprise, is the Chairman of the Coordinating Council.
A number of training seminars and master classes were held for the staff of the SNNP, as well as business planning trainings for the local community on the development of alternative activities and tourism with a gender approach.

The installation of the entrance group to the territory of the national park has begun.

The following items are also being implemented:
  • Development and implementation of the management plan of the Ulytau SNNP and the Ulytau Museum-Reserve
  • Formation of the material and technical base of the Ulytau Museum-Reserve and the Ulytau SNNP: equipment for monitoring, protection and patrolling of the territory;
  • Research on determining the norms of recreational load on tourist routes;
Development of an additional school program on environmental education at the level of Ulytau and Balkhash districts and others.


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