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Burabai State National Natural Park (in Kazakh «Бурабай» мемлекеттік ұлттық табиғи паркі) is a natural protected area around Borovoe Lake, in the Burabai district of the Akmola oblast of Kazakhstan. Within the protected areas of the national park, any economic activity, recreational use is prohibited and a regime corresponding to the regime of reserves is in effect. The park is under the jurisdiction of the Presidential Affairs Department of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The main tasks of the Burabai National Park:
- preserving the integrity of ecosystems, reference and unique natural complexes and objects, historical, cultural and other objects of historical heritage, as well as their study;
- restoration of damaged natural and historical-cultural complexes and objects.
The area of the national park is 129,299 t ha. Flora consists of 754 species. Fauna includes 267 species.


Akmola region. Burabay district

53.0500″ N. 70″ E.

Flora and fauna

757 species of plant grow on the territory, of which 119 need for the protection. 12 species are registered in the Red Book. Pines make 65% of the forest cover, birches - 31%, aspens - 3% and shrubs make 1%.
Due to the diversity of the flora, the fauna is very abundant: 305 species of animal can be found, which represent 36% of the fauna diversity of Kazakhstan. 40% of them live at the border of their habitat, and 13 species are registered in the Red Book.
The fauna of Burabai is much richer than in the surrounding steppes. A mixture of elements of the fauna of steppes, forests and mountains is characteristic. There are both European and Siberian species, representatives of typical northern and southern animal species. Currently roe deer, moose, wild boar, squirrels, ermines, weasel and marten are found in the forest. Of the predators, wolves and lynx might be located. In the steppes and wooded areas, there are foxes, corsacs, ferrets and rabbits - European and Alpine hares. Badgers are common in the forests.
There are a variety of birds: bullhead, mallard, gadwall, northen pintail, garganey, sheld duck, dotterel, lapwing, common sandpiper, sandpiper. Ducks numbers rise massively during autumn and during migration periods. In the dry stony pine forests and along the forests, as well as in the birch wooden steppes, the grey partridge and capercaillie can be found.


Continental climate, but with moderately cold winters and warm summers. The precipitation is ­about 400 mm per year.

+1 °С
-16 °С
400 mm
+12...+25 °С
2-7 m/s


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