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The Congress of QazaqGeography was held in the new office of the association

On November 17th the Congress of the Republican public association «QazaqGeography» was held under the lead of Askar Mamin, the first deputy of the prime minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On November 17th the Congress of the Republican public association «QazaqGeography» was held under the lead of Askar Mamin, the first deputy of the prime minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the beginning of the event, participants had an opportunity to take a tour inside the new building of QazaqGeography. The old building of 1968 was reconstructed in a very short time turning into the modern office place, where a museum, e-library, and the media-center are also placed.

The members of the Board of Trustees and Managing council, as well as representatives from all over the country gathered for the Congress session.

In his turn, the chairman Аskar Mamin emphasized the importance of the association. The members of QazaqGeography truly care about preserving historical and cultural legacies of Kazakhstan. Among the members are scientists, culture figures, professionals from different areas and young people. Therefore, the organization should turn into the center, where ideas of promoting tourism subjects among citizens of Kazakhstan and among the people around the world can be generated.

“QazaqGeography has to become the promoting center of science, culture, and the history of Kazakhstan, contributing to the preservation of the nation’s cultural code. This is highly relevant, as the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev underlined this mission in his article "Looking to the future: the modernization of the public consciousness”, stated Askar Mamin.

The chairman of the board Zhana Rustem presented the results of five-year work done by the association. As she reported, during past five years QazaqGeography organized about 60 projects, conducted 10 expeditions, and published 13 materials. Every year since 2015 the association holds annual youth festival called “Khan Qoryq”, which has already received the status of the international one. Not only students from Kazakhstan, but also from other countries can participate in this big event.

As Zhana Rustem said since 2018 QazaqGeography has been participating in the project “Uly Dala Eline sayakhat” in partnership with Kazakh Tourism National company. The association arranged expeditions to Ulytau, to Kahsgaria following the path of Shokan Ualikhanov, to Turgay geoglyphs and to the Aral Sea. Every year QazaqGeography organizes expeditions to the sacred places, setting GPS coordinates at the locations of these less known places.

As the result of the expedition to the Sary-Arka and the Silk Road new directions for tourists ways and illustrated guide-maps were created. Based on the photo and video materials of historical and cultural objects a special data bank was built including descriptive information on conditions of these geographical and cultural legacies.

At the conclusion of the Congress, the chairman Mamin noted award-winners of the photo contest “My Kazakhstan” in four thematic nominations such as “Nature”, “People”, “Cities”, and “Astana”. Also, some dedicated members of QazaqGeography were noted for their contribution to the association since the organization was established.

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