05 September, 04:42

Horse hiking: mausoleums "Niyaz bi - Kabanbay batyr"

An active member of QazaqGeography and the founder of the "At-travel" Club, Berik Akylbekov, on November 2 organized the horse trip between "Niyaz bi - Kabanbay batyr" Mausoleum.

The main purpose of the event was to prepare for the winter trip.It should be noted that the riders were crossing over 50 km per day. On the way back to the village,

the local people talked about the history and features of these lands and the blessings of the elders.The importance of this trip is
to popularize domestic tourism.

Z10G9D2 Казахстан, Нур-Султан
проспект Абая, зд. 22

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